As an independent dance artist, my practice takes on different forms. I dance for and with others in performances; I create my own work and I facilitate spaces for dancers.

I believe that anyone can be a dancer, no matter how they identify, and I am passionate about exporting that belief. Offstage, I write to people and places to gain support for this vital work.

I am interested in a range of dance practices and activities: from contemporary performance to carnival arts.

I am especially drawn to socially engaged work in diverse communities and I am currently studying an Masters in Applied Thatre part time at Goldsmiths University.

I have recently become a Director of Blink Dance Theatre.

Underlining my work in all contexts is the belief that dancing is political. To use a phrase from one of my dance idols Deborah Hay ‘It is not how we dance or why we dance but that we dance.’





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